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Administrative Tribunals

administrative tribunals bc

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Last Reviewed: August 2020


Civil Resolution Tribunal (CRT)

What is it

civil-resolution-tribunalThe Civil Resolution Tribunal (CRT) is a new administrative tribunal. It is an online dispute resolution platform created to help people without lawyers resolve certain types of disputes quickly. Each dispute must go through mandatory negotiation and mediation phases, where the parties can negotiate with each other. If they still can’t resolve the matter, then they have a “hearing” online or over the phone.

Types of issues

It is a unique tribunal as it deals with many issues that would have otherwise been dealt with the Provincial or Supreme Court. The CRT deals with:

  • Small Claims (civil matters) worth under $5,000
  • Strata (condo) disputes
  • Motor vehicle injury claims up to $50,000
  • Societies and cooperative association disputes


Where to go if you want to appeal the decision of the CRT depends on the type of issue you have.

  • Small claims matters go to the Provincial Court for a new process under Small Claims Court procedures.
  • Motor vehicle injury claims and strata decisions go to Supreme Court for Judicial Review.

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