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supreme court of bc

Supreme Court

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Last Reviewed: August 2020




If a married couple wants to get a divorce, or any other order under the Divorce Act, they must go to the Supreme Court. Separating couple, whether married or not, must go to Supreme Court if they want to divide up propertyArranging an adoption also must take place in Supreme Court.

As Supreme Court is very expensive and complicated, many people deal with issues outside of court (either by working it out on their own or with the help of mediators or other professionals). If a couple can resolve their property and parenting issues on their own, they can simple file for divorce and never have to go inside a courtroom this is called a “desk order divorce”.


Most trial decisions from BC Supreme Court can be automatically appealed to the BC Supreme Court of Appeal. Some types of orders, like orders under the Family Law Act that are made before a trial, need permission (or “leave”) to appeal.

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