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Admin Law BC  Online Help Guide

An online guide to administrative law in British Columbia that illustrates how administrative law affects the lives of all British  Columbians.





Small Claims BC | Online Help Guide

On this site, you will find out about the procedures designed to ensure earlier and faster solutions for small claims cases.





Supreme Court BC | Online Help Guide

Go in depth into Supreme Court procedures. Learn what you need to know to represent yourself or simply better understand the   process. 





Court of Appeal BC | Guidebook for Appellants 

Get the information and guidance you need to run or respond to an appeal in BC.

Canada’s System of Justice

Learn about Canada’s justice system and how the courts are organized

Learn About the Charter

Learn about the history of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, when and how the government can put limits on your rights, and what happens if the government does not follow the Charter.

Indigenous Foundations

An information resource from UBC on the histories, cultures and politics of Aboriginal peoples of Canada. Learn about Aboriginal rights and title, as well as how government policy and law has impacted Aboriginal people.

Supreme Court of Canada

Learn about the role and history of Canada’s final court of appeal.

People’s Law School

A resource to help you work out life’s everyday legal problems.

BC Courts

The official website for BC’s courts. Learn about the rules, procedures and forms for BC Provincial Court, Supreme Court, and Court of Appeal 

Small Claims Court - How-to-Guides

The BC Government’s how-to-guide for every step of the Small Claims Court process.

Civil Resolution Tribunal

The CRT where legal disputes such as small claims worth under $5,000, motor vehicle accident disputes, and strata disputes can be resolved. Apply, negotiate, reach an agreement, and get a decision using the CRT’s online platform. 


This site provides legal information, education and help for British Columbians. 

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